The collaboration of the duo Rimondi&Orlandini (Jessica Rimondi - painter - and Ornella Orlandini - photographer) started with the first project “A simulacrum of reality – Portrait of Katharina”.

Since from the beginning we decided to focused the work on the theme of “memory” looking it from different aspects.

In the first project we introduced us into the “ world of Katharina” to rediscover her Russian origin hidden in ordinary life objects around her apartment.


The second  project is still ongoing, it contains different series and it started with “What Remains”.





time and the ruin of the temple

In this first series we chose as contest windows of abandoned places and we started to pay particular attention to two different points, one psychological and one physical. How the remembrance distorts/deletes part of reality, how it still evolves with the passage of the time, the way it changes ours perception in the present, even more when we relate us with things of the past, and the way the passage of the time signs things, changing and giving them a new form/life in the present.

We were captured by the poetry of this changes, the mysterious beauty they create into things and how form of life (nature-people) are related and react to this.


This first steps of work, gave us different possibility to go through the project, bringing ours attention to the “marking of time”.

Since we saw how related the nature is with this signs into nonliving places, we chose to direct one's glance even outside and be the “recorder and captor” of these passages catching their aesthetics of sublime in the last series "Under the skin" and "Il Calcare dei giorni".


In those years our works were exhibited in London at Lisa Norris Gallery and in Berlin at Joachim Rongs gallery and Nomad Gallery.


What James Scarborough wrote about us:

[... ] Ars longa, vita brevis: nowhere is that more apparent than in the artist’s interiors. The rooms appear long-abandoned. But through the windows (and one open door), we catch a glimpse of an eidetic, Edenic landscape. These landscapes stand in stark contrast to the desuetude of the rooms through whose windows we look. It’s not that nature is immortal and perfect, it’s that our snapshot memories of it are. The most startling thing about these views-from-a-window is the way they make us think of – indeed, cherish – such isolated and perfect moments, even as we continue along our mortal path.






Rimondi&Orlandini and Dorte Bundesen, Gallery Nomad, Berlin (DE), 2014


Wonder Women, Lisa Norris Gallery, London (UK), 2014


Winter group show, Lisa Norris Gallery, London (UK), 2013




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